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Your go-to hub for your digital needs


Your go-to hub for your digital needs

Be part of the European Year of Youth

We know, the digital age can be both fascinating and scary. Some may fear digitalization will make their studies lose value or even automate their dream job. Others see in this ongoing and incredibly fast digital transformation the gateway to unexplored fields and untapped potential. However you feel, never forget that you were born in the digital age, and it is yours to lead!

#MyDigitalAge is the youth platform dedicated to the 2022 European Year of Youth – and to YOU! Here you can take an active role in leading the way through the digital age! This is your space to share your concerns, tips, learn new skills and to discover new opportunities to learn and engage with like-minded people.
Perhaps you want to tell industries and entrepreneurs to drive human-centric innovations, or policymakers to ensure you feel safe and protected in the digital space. Or maybe you want to voice your concerns about the lack of digital education or women in tech. You tell us, this space is for you! Let’s get loud! At Huawei we rely on open collaborations for everything we do, and we hope to collaborate with many of you to shape a digital age that is inclusive and sustainable. So, don’t be shy: share your views, tips, hacks and worries about the digital age, and become part of the #MyDigitalAge movement today!


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These competence areas are based on DigComp 2.2, the EU-recognised framework for the definition of digital skills.


When navigating the digital age, we find that not all information is reliable. This is a space for young people to find trustworthy resources they can use to gain digital skills and sharpen their cyber savvy.